Get ready for new refrigeration and air conditioning gases

Australia leading the world with future:gas seminars to help businesses prepare

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment entering the Australian market filled with and designed for new low and ultra low global warming potential refrigerants
  • Businesses need to be ready with gas, equipment and training
  • Industry-led future:gas seminar roadshow designed to broaden refrigerant knowledge
  • Seminar tickets just $10 for mid-week evening events around Australia
  • website to become an information resource for new refrigerants
  • Based on format of successful 2016 future:gas roadshow for automotive sector

Businesses and technicians in the business of refrigeration and air conditioning installation, service and repair need to prepare themselves for systems and equipment entering the Australian market filled with or designed for the many new refrigerants – HFOs, CO2, NH3HCs and lower GWP HFCs such as R32.

These refrigerants and the components and systems designed for them will present significant changes to the tools, working practices, standards and workplace safety considerations relating to installation, repair, service and refrigerant recovery.

This year, tens of millions of new systems designed for new low global warming potential HFOs, CO2, NH3HCs and lower GWP HFCs such as R32 will be produced around the world. In the near future it is expected that every new piece of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment sold in Australia will use one of these refrigerants.

Following a successful pilot event in Sydney in February, an industry-led education initiative called future:gas will deliver seminars about these new technologies and the reasons they came about at 12 locations around Australia between June and September this year.

Conveniently timed on mid-week evenings with entry priced at just $10, future:gas seminars are designed to be as accessible as possible to those working in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Attendees to future:gas seminars will be among the first in Australia to receive a comprehensive overview of new-generation refrigerants and the related technologies in one knowledge-enhancing evening.

Each future:gas seminar will feature presentations from top industry experts, who will explain the reason for the changes, the technical background of the new refrigerants, new safe working practices and standards relating to the quality and design of both components and service equipment.

Spaces are limited, so early booking is advised. Tickets are heavily subsidised by contributions from industry associations and corporate sponsorship, priced at just $10 per delegate and available from through a secure online booking system.

Over time, the website will become an information resource for the numerous new-generation HFOs, CO2, NH3HCs and lower GWP HFCs such as R32.

Seminar locations and dates

Newcastle NSW Monday June 19 Adelaide SA Tuesday August 1
Sydney NSW Tuesday June 20 Perth WA: Wednesday August 2
Canberra ACT Thursday June 22 Darwin NT Thursday August 3
Townsville QLD Tuesday July 18 Melbourne VIC Tuesday September 5
Brisbane QLD Wednesday July 19 Hobart TAS Wednesday September 6
Rockhampton QLD Thursday July 20 Albury NSW Thursday September 7

Refrigerant background

Since ozone layer damaging CFC refrigerants were phased out in the mid-1990s, the mainstream refrigerants used have been HCFC and HFC.

With climate change now on the agenda, systems using some HFC refrigerants will be phased out of use over time.

HFOs, CO2, NH3 and HC refrigerants do not deplete the ozone layer and have much lower global warming potential ratings, as do lower GWP HFC refrigerants such as R32.  New system designs will also have reduced power consumption and refrigerant leakage.

About future:gas

Refrigerants Australia (peak organisation representing Australian refrigerant suppliers and users), Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (product stewardship organisation for the Australian refrigerants industry), the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (RACCA) and licensing body the Australian Refrigeration Council, identified a need for a seminar roadshow designed to inform and educate thousands of technicians and businesses about the new refrigerants and technologies they will soon be encountering.

Much of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry lacks awareness or is confused by conflicting messages or misinformation about the new HFOs, CO2, NH3HCs and lower GWP HFCs such as R32, so there is a pressing need for this campaign of seminars, which will be made up of presentations from highly credible sources.

Topics covered will include technological background, reasons for the phase-down of HFCs and the impacts these will have on their equipment, skills and safety practices.

Among the target audience are: technicians, contractors, suppliers of products and services to the trade, and equipment owners.

Created by industry, for industry, future:gas was originally run for the automotive sector in 2016 with great success and gained international attention as the first refrigerant education campaign of its kind in the world. The 2017 stationary sector roadshow builds on this proven successful format.

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