Seminar program

 No automotive seminars in 2017 — future:gas has a stationary theme this year

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Greg PickerGreg Picker (Refrigerants Australia)

The reasons why R134a is being phased out of automotive and why there will be supplies of R134a for servicing older vehicles, with no retrofitting.

John McCormackJohn McCormack (Chemours)

The history and background of R1234yf and which vehicles will enter the Australian market using this new refrigerant between now and 2018.

Rene_Le_MiereRene Le Miere (Bitzer)

History and background of R744 from a stationary perspective. Which vehicle manufacturers will soon release models with R744 AC systems.

Mike BennettMichael Bennett (Refrigerant Reclaim Australia)

Cylinders and standards for handling the new refrigerants, the different flammability ratings and how to handle contaminated refrigerant mixes.

Mark MitchellMark Mitchell (Unicla International)

Introduction to the SAEJ639 standard for R1234yf system components and how to avoid risk from refrigerant mixtures during servicing.

Ian StangroomeIan Stangroome (VASA)

Overview of the SAEJ3030 and SAEJ2842 service equipment standards for new refrigerant classes and a comparison of the R12 ban with the latest changes.