Tickets are now on sale for the 2023 future:gas seminar roadshow, a series of industry-supported refrigerant education events aimed at those working in the stationary HVAC/R sector.

A lot of change has emerged in the world of refrigerants since the highly successful future:gas events in 2017. So it’s time for another.

First future:gas refrigerant roadshow

Refrigerants are still changing, with some of the changes discussed in previous future:gas seminars happening faster than expected and some slower. There are also some unexpected developments and curveballs in the mix.

Everyone in the industry needs to be aware of what is happening in the market, what the laws are and how they could be changing.

The 2023 future:gas roadshows will again assemble expert speakers to discuss and explain the latest on the recovery and handling of new refrigerants, the laws that will influence each part of the industry and what this will mean for the day-to-day life of those in the business of handling refrigerants.

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Tickets to future:gas seminars in Australia and New Zealand are just $20, making it affordable for technicians to pay for themselves and for business owners to send a number of their employees.

To help as many people as possible to attend, the seminars will take place on weekday evenings during the winter, beginning at 5pm with complimentary welcome drinks, food and trade displays.

Seminar locations and dates

Vanuatu11 May 2023
Melbourne VIC16 May 2023
Albury NSW17 May 2023
Canberra ACT18 May 2023
Hobart TAS23 May 2023
Adelaide SA24 May 2023
Sydney NSW6 June 2023
Newcastle NSW7 June 2023
Brisbane QLD13 June 2023
Townsville QLD14 June 2023
Darwin NT27 June 2023
Perth WA28 June 2023
Port Moresby PNG11 July 2023
Lae PNG12 July 2023
Auckland NZ25 July 2023
Wellington NZ26 July 2023
Dunedin NZ27 July 2023

What’s new?

For example, the obituary has been written for R134a, so we all need to understand what that means for us.

In addition, more alternative refrigerants and technologies are on the horizon as the global HVAC/R industry grapples with the technical challenges of improving energy efficiency, reducing indirect and direct emissions and meeting obligations under the global HFC phase-down.

First future:gas refrigerant roadshow

However, just as momentum toward low global warming potential refrigerants starts to build, a number of HFOs, some HFCs and blends of both are potentially on the chopping block in Europe, the United States and elsewhere over concerns that they are per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that do not easily break down and start to accumulate in the environment and living organisms, then make their way up the food chain in potentially high concentrations.

All this, against a backdrop of new governments with different agendas, mounting pressure to act fast on climate change, supply chains that have been disrupted and re-shaped due to pandemics, war, drought, floods and much more.

Suffice to say, this year’s future:gas roadshow will be a must-see.

As previously, we cannot run these vital information sessions without the generosity of corporate and industry sponsorship. Please get in touch about supporting future:gas 2023.